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get under your skin

VELVET Wonderland



Treat yourself to full sized products this holiday season.


Give the gift of VELVET skin.
A $97 value yours for $75.

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Shop VELVET this holiday

A portion of our holiday proceeds go to Girls Who Code, to help close the gender gap in tech.

Get under your skin

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Clutch Collection

A decadent collection of travel-sized treats for $39

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Indulge in VELVET

Take comfort in self-care. Say goodbye to "anti-aging" and celebrate like it's your birthday every day.

Immerse yourself in a new experience with our debut Clutch Collection.

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No. 11 Brightening Serum

Make a wish. It's 11:11.

Inhale a labrynth of jasmine. Marula and evening primrose oils moisturize and rehydrate, while grape seed polyphenols brighten dark spots and hunt free radicals. Derived from the starflower, nourishing borage seed oil calms irritation and sets the scene for an all-over glow, day or night.

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VIP Treatment Detox Mask

Heal and pamper. Close your eyes.

Breathe in a bouquet of roses. Relax as French green clay has been used for centuries to heal and cleanse tired skin, by drawing out impurities. Rose Kaolin clay improves skin circulation while mild white Kaolin clay will gently exfoliate sensitive skin. All while you soothe and treat yourself.

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Plush Hydrating Melt

Take the plunge. Renew yourself. 

Stop and smell the tropical flowers. Slow down time with sea buckthorn oil, packed with vitamins to help ease the look of wrinkles and fine lines. Cupuaçu and mango butters plump dry skin while baobab oil from the African "Tree of Life" rehydrates and reminds you to begin again.

Natural Beauty Scientific Power


VELVET combines intoxicating natural ingredients with evidence-based results.

Made without

  • parabens
  • sulfates
  • silicones
  • phthalates
  • cruelty

We use a trio of our favorite moisturizing plant seed oils. We harness botanical extracts for their vibrant colors and natural fragrant notes.

So you don't have to compromise.

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skin-boosting glow

“My skin looked so amazing this morning, I’ve even gotten a few compliments at work this morning and I wasn’t even wearing makeup”


“I used the serum and my skin drank it in and feels so, well...velvety! I used the Plush melt last night and it was the most gentle and heavenly experience, and my skin is so soft today!”


"I am really excited about these because the ingredients are amazing! Full of natural oils and extracts! I'm so stoked about this brightening serum. I have plenty of brightening that I need done!"

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Clutch Collection

Get your hands on our VELVET Clutch Collection for $39

  • No. 11 Brightening Serum
  • VIP Treatment Detox Mask
  • Plush Hydrating Melt
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