I'm Kate, the founder of VELVET


Hi all!

Can't believe we're already in November! Creating VELVET in the kitchen of my NYC apartment has been one of the most fun and exciting things I've ever done. It’s allowed me to merge my love of science and my obsession with beauty. My goal with VELVET is to make skincare and science fun and accessible. And if there’s a way to empower women and girls while doing so, even better!

9.28.2017 VELVET Party-351.jpg

This whole journey started when I was looking for a Vitamin C serum. Like most, I read product reviews, blogs, and went way deep into Reddit. But, having been skincare-obsessed for as long as I can remember, it only made sense to approach it with a research mindset, too. I'm an epidemiologist by training and I currently work full-time in Informatics. So it was only a matter of time before I cross-checked what I learned with as many articles from scientific journals as I could find. What began as a mini science project for me turned into thinking that maybe there was a gap that could be addressed.

I have highly reactive skin with tons of allergies to ingredients and basically almost everything in the environment. What was missing from my skincare routine was the very thing that would keep it from being one. I wanted to be excited to give myself an affordable ritual at home without worrying about my face breaking out. So naturally, I thought of rosé! No, there's no alcohol in our products. But, I loved the idea behind the rosé lifestyle. It's indulgent and fun, but it didn't have to be crazy expensive to enjoy. Once I knew the kind of brand I wanted to create, I looked at it like a research problem. It was important for me to understand if others felt the same.

Reading articles and reviews wasn't enough, though. I needed to talk to people in the skincare community: industry experts and users of different kinds of skincare. What I learned was that effective products were only useful if people felt good about using them. Having these discussions showed me that products should be easy, affordable, and made with quality ingredients. Going through all this information led me to create the three products in the VELVET Clutch Collection. More importantly, it led me to create a brand that speaks to everyone. VELVET is about creating a life you enjoy, loving yourself inside and out. For me, skincare is just one part of that.

I hope that VELVET means the same for you.