Save your skin from Turkey Face!


Holidays are here and so is all of the feasting! We're here with tips to rescue your skin from puffiness and dehydration with our very own VELVET products. 

Thanksgiving is a time for family and feasting. Tons of salty food, desserts, and alcohol can take its toll on your skin. Let's put a pin on Turkey (or Tofurkey) Day face freakouts with some of our very own VELVET-inspired Thanksgiving skincare recipes. 

Mashed Mask: Mashed potatoes overload is our calling. To reduce clogged pores, breakouts and blackheads, weekly clay masks are a must.  

  1. Use your favorite face mist to prep your skin and help the mask stay on longer

  2. Use a dime sized amount of our VIP Treatment Detox Mask

  3. Mix in 2 drops of your favorite serum to create a more luxurious face mask that moisturizes skin while gently drawing out dirt and oil

  Photo by Alaina Latona

Savory Serum Gravy: Woke up with a puffy face after a night of feasting? Too much salt can cause us to retain water, which can lead to swelling.

  1. Massage 1-2 drops of our No. 11 Brightening Serum onto your face. Baobab Oil, Borage Seed Oil, and Rosemary all have anti-inflammatory properties which may help reduce the swelling. Bonus: use a jade roller to de-puff and de-stress.

  2. Add your favorite powder or liquid foundation to evenly glide makeup across your skin and brave the Black Friday sales.

  Photo by Alaina Latona

A Cocktail of Moisture: Drinking sucks out the natural moisture from your skin (along with your soul, but that’s a different story), which can make fine lines and wrinkles a little more noticeable. It can also trigger rosacea outbreaks.

  1. Let our Plush Hydrating Melt be the cure-all! Scoop a generous amount onto palm of hand and warm it up.
  2. For extra moisture, combine the Melt with your favorite serum or layered over your moisturizer.

  Photo by Alaina Latona

Show us how you save your face with VELVET on Thanksgiving, and more importantly, who you’re sharing it with.

Happy Thanksgiving!