Skinsider Sessions: Miguel

We want to take a moment to shine the spotlight on our beauty-obsessed customers. Today, meet Miguel, one of our VELVET Babes! Follow him and his skincare stories on Instagram @migs.a.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What’s your biggest beauty guilty pleasure?
If I had to consider anything in my routine that's a guilty pleasure, it’s sheet masking every night! I’ve literally used a sheet mask every night since May of this year! My skin loves the hydration and I absolutely love how my skin looks after.. Plus, my skin is so bouncy and radiant the morning after.

Your skin is literally flawless. What is your secret?
OMG I am flattered that you think that! If I have any sort of secret, it’s that I really listen to my skin. When my skin is feeling especially dry I try to drink more water and use more moisturizing products. It's more than just taking care of your skin on the outside. You really have to be conscious on what you put in your body, too.

What are some skincare problems that you face?
Because I am a teen, acne is my main problem. I hate getting breakouts and they somehow always tend to come out when I have a big event.

What do you do to try to solve the problem?
I use pimple patches , those are such a holy grail item for my teenage skin. They deal with my breakouts literally overnight.

What attracted you to VELVET?
The ingredients VELVET uses in their products are so amazing . When I stumbled upon one day and saw the ingredient list, I automatically fell in love.

How has VELVET affected your skin since you began using it? What’s your go-to product?
My skin now has this amazing healthy glow! The brightening serum and the hydration melt literally give me such a beautiful and luminous glow. I've never been so proud of the skin that I'm in right now.

What would you want to see from us in the future?
Definitely a toner! I am in love with toners and a toner from VELVET would bring my skin routine to master level. So please come out with one hahaha.