Velvettes: Rohini Mikkelsen


Rohini lives in Brooklyn, New York, with a degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications from Fashion Institute of Technology. She is currently an Interior Design assistant at Mercer Project and your favorite Glossier rep! Peruse her creative inspiration on her blog.

You might recognize Rohini from our launch campaign or on Instagram while searching through Glossier hashtags. She's got a design eye for beautiful aesthetics and is always in search for inspiration. Her blog, Rohini Elyse, illustrates just that. She also created Gimmick Magazine, an online publication for young twenty-somethings navigating their way into adulthood.

  Photo courtesy of Rohini Mikkelsen

Photo courtesy of Rohini Mikkelsen

Kate Lee: What is Gimmick Magazine, and what was your vision? How did it all start?
Rohini Mikkelsen: Gimmick is an online magazine for twenty-somethings who might be at a transitioning point in their lives and are trying to figure out what the next step is. I wanted my peers and friends to know that they weren’t alone in that feeling of “wtf am I doing with my life” and to not be afraid to pursue what they really are passionate about, even if it means leaving the traditional path.
It started when I got off the phone with a friend from home who told me 7 different majors she might do within a 10 minute conversation, and the next day I heard from 3 friends that they were miserable in their program, and I myself wasn’t happy with what I was studying. I wanted to make a community.

KL: What inspires you to create?
RM: People inspire me to create, hearing others stories of where they started and where they’re going make me want to always push myself to do better, and do more.

KL: How does living in NYC impact your creative pursuits?
RM: Living in NYC motivates me as soon as I step outside my door, the hustle and motivation is literally in the air, it’s addictive. I love that feeling, it propels me and gives me the strength to feel like I can pursue any project or idea I set my mind to.

KL: What does "having it all" mean to you? Do you believe it's doable?
RM: Oh boy, having it all means being truly happy and motivated to make the best of each day, whether that be with a family (I want a lot of kids lol), in a career, being a good friend, or even making your home beautiful and cozy for everyone that lives in it. I believe it’s doable, and I definitely don’t think it comes without hard work.

  Photo courtesy of Rohini Mikkelsen

Photo courtesy of Rohini Mikkelsen

KL: Did you have an important mentor in the process?
RM: I don’t have one specific mentor, but I have many different people that I look up to, I take slivers of wisdom from each of them and mash it all together. My dad is definitely a mentor in the way he loves all humans (he’s literally the sweetest man ever), my mom is incredibly caring but also tough as nails, my brother Dhruva is an entrepreneur and has made an amazing life for himself in Guatemala, he always encourages me to pursue my crazy ideas and helps me in every way he can. The list goes on and on!

KL: Biggest piece of creative advice for young people, especially women?
RM: Surround yourself with people who are successful in areas you are interested in, seeing someone who’s life resembles what you want yours to become is incredibly powerful and motivating. Also, make sure you have a creative outlet, whether that be poetry, writing, photography, blogging, etc.

KL: What's in store for you in the future?
RM: I have a lot of business ideas that will hopefully come to fruition in the next couple years. I’m building up my blog and really starting to enjoy making content again. I plan to pet my cat a lot, drink lots of tea, and travel as much as possible. Also, I plan to take online courses in interior design. I’ve always had a knack for it and figure it can only benefit me at this point. The future is scary and exciting, but it’s a good thing because if you’re scared, it means you care.