Skincare Matchmaker: Oils for oily skin?


We're playing matchmaker and answering your skincare questions! Have you always wanted to try face oils but never knew if your oily skin could handle it? We've got you covered.

Question: My skin is really oily and I want to try to use oils. Would that be too much for my skin?

"Ah oils, we’ve been told for years that oily skin can’t handle oils but, oh, how we’ve changed." Natalie Fairchild is a facialist at Heyday spa in New York. We asked her for some expert advice on how to use facial oils if you're a little on the oilier side. A lot of people have combination or oily skin, which just means that our skin's oil balance is a little off. Sometimes it's from hormones, our diet and environment, and sometimes it's the products we use. 

"There are so many amazing ingredients out there that are being made into some great products. First off our skin needs oil, it needs oil to keep it water proof, to keep us protected from bacteria and to keep us hydrated." The oil on our skin acts as an important barrier from the environment and from the microbiome on our skin's surface. Anything that disrupts that balance leads to excess oil or not enough oil being produced. 

"Some people produce very little oil and some produce a lot, and in both cases acne can be a side effect. If you don’t have acne it’s a bit easier to use oils, it just has to be the right kind." Fairchild suggests first speaking to your esthetician to get the best recommendation for your skin type, since different plant oils have different weights and properties. 

Once you've got your skin type down, it's a cake walk! "Oils for oily skin tend to vary from season to season. In summer, a lighter oil can be used and in winter, possibly a heavier oil. One product I love for oily skin is the Lapis Oil from Herbivore Botanicals. It has antibacterial effects and it sits on the skin to hydrate and lets the oil-producing glands know it's got it covered, so your skin doesn’t feel the need to over-produce."

"Grown Alchemist has a Antioxidant Facial Oil with rosehip and camellia seed, which absorbs pretty well into oily skin, and the No. 11 Brightening Serum from VELVET is a perfect blend of oils to help hydrate. Both are just right for oily skin," Fairchild recommends.

A lot of skincare matchmaking is trial and error--a lot like dating. "You will never know if an oil work for you unless you try! I recommend cleansing with a gentle gel to remove any excess oil, followed by a toner to help further remove dirt and dead skin cells." Fairchild recommends making sure the oil you select absorbs properly into skin after applying any water-based serums first. "It varies how often you can use it, so listen to your skin, and happy oiling!"

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