A VELVET masterpiece

It's Halloween but not all makeup has to be terrifying! We rounded up our favorite Halloween makeup looks. Don't forget to prep your skin, and as always, never sleep with makeup on.

Narrowing down a costume for Halloween always seems to come down to the last minute for many of us. Lacking some inspiration? We've gathered some scary good costume makeup ideas from the internet for your viewing pleasure.

Class Clown

Marylia Scott took clown makeup to another level (and it's so on brand!). For the perfect amount of cute and creepy, she preps her skin with our No. 11 Brightening Serum before applying makeup.

Sun Goddess

Phillicia Deanell's look is 100% at the center of our universe. She uploads tons of costume makeup tutorials on Youtube so you can glow up any time of the year.

Wonder Woman


Channel your inner superhero and Lichtenstein fan with this head-turner from makeup artist, Lingy. 


Makeup artist Rachel Bourne has a vibrant take on a mermaid costume. Gather your seashells and stick-on jewels to recreate the look.


Tired of being an adult? Try an alien-like species instead. This is the most requested look from NYC-based photographer, Sarah.

Porcelain Pixie

Somewhere between a fairytale and a porcelain figurine, costume makeup artist, Kimberley, gives us something dainty for Halloween.

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